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SomeDutchDude, October 14th, 2012, 2:35 pm ( Reply )
- It was a good night,
but the dad was acting like a real douche.

one of us had to leave early, so he ate his pizza earlier. The dad took some slices off it.

A while later he came to us saying:
"When's the next pizza going in? I'm hungry."
Astonished we hinted "Err, we're saving them untill later."
He then told us that he was just going to put the oven on already, WHICH HE DID!
We were looking at eachother like WTF? O_o
10 minutes later he came back, picked a random pizza he wanted to eat and threw it in the oven.

Then the "son-friend" told him (annoyed by now) to take his pizza instead of the other friends.
The poor bastard had to give away half his pizza. :<
And friend had to eat his done pizza while he wasn't hungry at all. :I

We payed for everything, sodas, drinks, foods, everything.
If he just asked it would've been fine.
We're in his house, so we don't mind giving away a "thank you".
He just freggin took it O_o...


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