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SomeDutchDude, December 18th, 2009, 12:01 pm ( Reply )
Space Samurai - While drawing this comic i concluded that jedi were just space samurai...

... I think jedi are more cool now :3

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Advertisement, September 22nd, 2019, 12:44 am ( Reply )
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LordLuke, December 18th, 2009, 1:21 pm ( Reply )
Spell Check - Everyone notes my typos when I make them, so I felt the need to do it to someone else!

I tought "thought" was spelt with an H?

SomeDutchDude, December 18th, 2009, 1:29 pm ( Reply )
- Ahh poo on a stick.
Forgot the H...
Forgive me oh LordLuke ): .

I'm not going to change it though...
Because I don't know how to without affecting the whole freaking thing...


Spencuh, August 29th, 2011, 4:53 pm ( Reply )
- Lol well they are jedi knights. And jedi is a religion. and a cult? But isn't it also a lifestyle or do you need to be born into it? Speaking of born into it, if in Star Wars, it say "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away" would it mean a long time ago from now or is it more of the future than it really is in the Star Wars universe? If so, who truly was the chosen one? Will Neo make an appearance in Star Wars Episode 7? That is something to think about.

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